I am building a new kind of business.

I started Ewakened in 2007 as a creative means to express a fundamental truth, everyone wants the chance to contribute something unique and meaningful to the world. Some of us for whatever reason, are fortunate enough to actualize this.

Everything that I have done, or wanted to do, has stemmed from my desire to help people. However, I feel as though ewakened hasn't been helping enough these past few years.

I want to regroup and redouble my efforts and build a sustainable, profitable and human focused company.

The first step in this direction is Mixr, and Tilt. A humble application for a small group of people. I will be donating 20% of profits to charity each quarter. This isn't much, but it's a start and it feels more right than anything I have done in a long time.

Do what you love and do it now,