Consistency Is Hard

I will write a book, how hard can it be?

I think back to this article I read So You Want to be a Writer?, that prompted me to publicly commit and write this writing daily and back then, in September I committed to write 80 posts by the end of the year. I have written… 7.

Consistency is hard. I have read many books on habits, on kaizen, on daily improvement, all of that and all I have really learned is that consistency is hard. Am I too hard on myself though? I’ve got a busy day job, a healthy curiosity of side projects to keep my mind sharp, don’t forget the kids and my wife, not to mention my parents that are aging and need more help. Still, excuses.

So, what should I do? Give up? Say I was too ambitious? That is always the case, I am always too ambitious and I love that about me, so no, I will not give up, in fact, I will double down and recommit today to the process and idea of one post a day. It is November 15th, that means that we have 47 days until the end of the year. It’s a far cry from 80, but 47 would be pretty epic.

If we could put a betting market on this, what would my over under be?

A Book in Me

I found myself writing this one Sunday evening and it’s true. Of all the times I have had something to say, I finally think I have enough words to say what I want, in a way that I haven’t seen before. What stops me from taking a step forward isn’t that I am too lazy to get started or put in the work, quite the opposite. My problem is the crushing imposter syndrome.

In order to make something worth reading, I feel like that has to say something about me and my life. That somehow my life is worthy of a book and worthy of you caring. The book I have in me is part auto biographical and partially about startup equity. How to value it, how to negotiate it for it, when it matters, when it doesn’t. I have had so many good and bad stories about equity it’s hard to keep track of them, but as I started sketching it out, I found that I do have something to say, that hasn’t been said.

But aren’t there hundreds of folks more qualified than me? Hundreds, likely thousands. Why doesn’t this book exist yet? I don’t know, but am committed to take some steps to find out.

Well, it’s been 18 days since my last post. So much for once a day. Let’s see if I can get it started… now.

70 more to go.

Writing Daily

I recently read a powerful blog post So You Want to be a Writer?. It’s the best article I have read about getting started with a writing habit and this post is proof of me putting it’s power into action.

I too, have wished and longed to be a writer for a lot of the reasons that Hugh talks about in his post

  • Working my own schedule
  • Working in my underwear
  • Other good reasons

The truth is, it’s a lot of hard work. Hard enough enough that I have stopped and started many times. This post in fact, was a week a late. Go figure.

But let’s do it, let’s write every day. I will take one day off a week. That’s 88 posts. LFG

No One Is Reading

The truth is that no one is reading this. Maybe they will one day, but not right now. Why don’t I think about this more when I write? I love the romantic idea of Marcus Aurelius writing a journal for himself, never suspecting anyone to read it let alone build up a philosophy around it. Did I just compare myself to Marcus Aurelius… no I didn’t. Well maybe in that I don’t expect anyone to read this.

So often I get in my own way thinking that my legions of Twitter fans (1,203) of them, and that my friends at work (they don’t know this exists) will follow this and make me reflect on everything that I write. The truth is no one is reading.

This is liberating and not sad at all, in fact, when people start to read everything will change.