Consistency Is Hard

I will write a book, how hard can it be?

I think back to this article I read So You Want to be a Writer?, that prompted me to publicly commit and write this writing daily and back then, in September I committed to write 80 posts by the end of the year. I have written… 7.

Consistency is hard. I have read many books on habits, on kaizen, on daily improvement, all of that and all I have really learned is that consistency is hard. Am I too hard on myself though? I’ve got a busy day job, a healthy curiosity of side projects to keep my mind sharp, don’t forget the kids and my wife, not to mention my parents that are aging and need more help. Still, excuses.

So, what should I do? Give up? Say I was too ambitious? That is always the case, I am always too ambitious and I love that about me, so no, I will not give up, in fact, I will double down and recommit today to the process and idea of one post a day. It is November 15th, that means that we have 47 days until the end of the year. It’s a far cry from 80, but 47 would be pretty epic.

If we could put a betting market on this, what would my over under be?