Future Fomo

How do you judge different great opportunities? How privledged do I need to be where my biggest concern is deciding between great outcomes. Ultimately, how much money is enough? What is important in daily life? Should you shoot for the moon? Aim for the stars?

Looking into the future there are a few things that are clear. Web3 isn’t going anywhere and legacy Web2.0 business will slow turn into Web3 businesses. Everything from media, to insurance, to banking, to lending, to commerce will sit on a blockain of sorts. The distributed power of Web3 follows the same trend that there are only two business models. Bundling, and unbundling. Web3 is the unbundling of Web2.

Then there is the metaverse. I am spending at least 15 minutes a day in VR. My favoruite thing to do is fire up Horizon Workrooms and just check my email in VR. Feels weird to say that, but it’s true. Something about “working from anywhere” is really cool, and if Meta just doubled down on those environments I think that app, even without others would be a daily use for me.

Then there is the legacy Web2 world that still has enough life in it for disruption. Or maybe there is a way to combine all three together.

Utlimately it comes back to the Framework, I will investigate that in another post. For now, more questions than answers.

87 to go.