How Apple Could Double Watch Sales

Apple doesn’t do sales. I love that.

Apple doesn’t do sales. I love that.

I don’t know how well Apple Watches are selling, but I would wager that Tim wishes he could sell twice as many as he has sold to date.


Apple missed something that was hiding in their ads this whole time.

Apple Watch is better with a lover.

Not a friend. A lover.

I’ve been wearing one for 5 months and the only friend in my “Friends” section is my brother in law. I love my brother in law, but I am not going to send him my heartbeat.

If my wife had an Apple Watch I would 10X my use of personal touch and other time saving features the watch allows.

Adoption follows a weighted Metcalfe’s Law. The value increases marginally if your friends get one, but by an order of magnitude if your lover gets one.

So Apple, on Friday, or next Valentine’s day, consider doing a buy one get one half off. Or give existing Apple Watch users a way to buy another watch for a lover through the Watch app at a discount.

Introduce lovers to a new form of intimacy and watch them wonder how they ever lived without it.

Apple doesn’t do sales. I love that.