How to Not Land a Starship

I was visting my parents today and my mom brought up the Starship explosion. In case you missed it, the testflight of SpaceX’s Starship rocket exploded this week during a testflight. I am sure this was a dissapointing day and a massive setback, but did you know that in 2023, as of this writing in April, there have been 24 documented successful Falcon 9 missions from SpaceX. 24 successful missions where a Falcon 9 goes up, comes back down, and lands by itself.

You probably didn’t know that. My parents didn’t know that and why should they, the news doesn’t tend to cover successes, or if they do certainly not proportionate to their coverage of failures. I felt compelled to bring up this video (my kids love this one).

Watching the Falcon 9s exploding for 3 mins straight set to that music is pretty funny, and inspiring. All that money, all that time, all in the name of science. Everytime I am banging my head against the table because a file won’t compile, I think about this video.

When those two rockets landed together, I cried.

When that one lands on Mars, or simply starts taking commuters from New York to China in 39 minutes, I will tear up for sure.

We are living in the future, it’s not perfect and certainly not normally distributed but we are and we should be so thankful to alive right now.

Can’t wait to see the How Not to Land a Starship YouTube video in 4-5 years, we can watch it on Mars.