I paid $1 for priceless art

A little rant about why music is the best deal.

I paid $1 for priceless art

Recently while listening to one of my favourite songs I realized that it had been nearly a decade since I first heard it. A decade ago, I paid $1 for a song that I am still enjoying today. It got me thinking…

Music is the best deal.

Music inspires us. Music motivates us. It makes us run faster. It resonates in our bodies when we hear it live. It soothes our children. Music speaks to us. It connects us. Music is therapy. Music is fundamental to being human… And we pay $0.99 for it.

10 years ago, I paid $0.99 for a song that has given me a decade of inspiration, pleasure and enjoyment. I paid $1 for priceless art.

What’s my point?

Support artists.

Do whatever you need to do to make sure that the artists you love continue to do what they love which in turn makes you love the world even more.

Can’t afford their songs? Email them and ask if there is something you can help them with, or better yet, get involved in their online communities and be proactive. Tell your friends about them, become a promoter, bring a friend to a show. Anything. Just support the artists you love. Because they are artists and what they give you, music, is art and a gift. A gift that gets cheaper and cheaper for you to consume as time goes on.

You pay $0.99 for something that has taken them a lot of time and energy. They have given you a piece of their soul for the low low price of $0.99. Don’t complain about it. Buy the songs, see them live, buy a t-shirt or whatever… just support them. In whatever way and capacity you can.

I am not a musician nor do I play one on TV.