Introducing glAds

Can ads make you feel better about your life?

Introducing glAds

glAds: Advertising for good

Can advertisements make you feel good?

I think so.

While watching the documentary, Art & Copy I couldn’t get over how many great people work in the advertising industry. The movie planted a seed that ads can do good.

So here’s a small contribution to that effort: glAds.

glAds are ads designed to make the viewer feel good, inspired, or simply add value to them.

They are still sponsored, but that takes a back seat.

To create a glad:

  1. Provide a large positive message or image.
  2. Provide a small back link to the company / individual who is sponsoring the glAd.
  3. Provide a small indication that what you are seeing is a glAd.

For live examples, checkout

If you run a website or an ad network, create a glAd and give it some impressions. No idea if it will get clicked, but it will make someone laugh, smile, or feel a little better. You can’t put a CPM or CPC on that.

Much love.

Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century.
Marshall McLuhan