More coffee dates

My resolution this year is to say yes to more of those coffee dates you get asked to go on. They start like

Hey! I was wondering if I could grab a coffee with you and get your help with hunting for my next gig, been working as a growth PM for a year now and figured you’d be a good resource for tips on making my next move

Sometimes these are fishing expeditions, driven around getting a new job or introduction, but often, as advertised, someone out there either looks up to you, respects your opinion or just wants to get your thoughts on something.

I always said no to these in the past. I took pride in it. Worse, sometimes I would just ignore them, or say yes, but then not actually book anything, so why didn’t I say no. I vow to change that this year.

So why did I stop staying yes? These meetups are time consuming, and right around the time I had my first kid, I started saying no. It coincided with a lot of Tim Ferriss reading / listening too, and I am sure the lesson in how to say no, didn’t help.

Why am I saying yes again? Because I couldn’t think of a good reason to say no. Obviously, I will still say no, but in 2023, I’m saying yes more often. To more coffee dates and more opportunities for learning. I’m going to walk away from all of these meetings with at least two new, meaningful connections, and that’s something I’m really looking forward to. Tim Ferriss be damned.