Nootropic Review: Momental MIND

Momental MIND makes a lot of promises.

Nootropic Review: Momental MIND

Momental MIND makes a lot of promises.

Maximize mental output, and nourish your brain and body with healthy fats, proteins, and greens.

Did someone say Limitless? Isn’t this what Soylent should have been? So I was skeptical, but being a fan of Perfect Keto, I purchased a bottle to see if MIND would become part of my weekly routine, last was two months ago.

What follows are my opinions and my opinions alone, I am not sponsored by these people and have no affiliate links in this post, pinky swears. I am just a man, who likes tinkering with nootropics and ketones. I am eating the ones I can get a hold of and reporting back to you, my dear reader. So, let’s begin.

What are we drinking today?

Momental MIND

Who makes it?

Momental, a sister company of Equip Foods.

How much does it cost?

For this Canadian boy, $66.22 USD w/ launch coupon.


I add one scoop to 12–14 ounces of water and stir. Highly recommend doing the swirl technique when you get to the bottom third. Some of the particles will sink to the bottom and if you don’t leave yourself enough water, you are going to have some green sludge to contend with.

Keto friendly?

Yes, Momental MIND is keto friendly mainly due to the powdered MCT. There are no exogenous ketones in MIND.

Nootropic effects

There is an increase in focus and acuity although not as strong as the one I feel when drinking exogenous ketones, or ketone esters. Personally, I tend to consume MIND at around 2 or 3 pm to kick myself into the eating phase of my day. The slow burning energy of the drink, combined with the nootropic compounds give you a mental kick and keep you from wanting to eat until dinner around 6:00pm.

There is a substantial curb in appetite, but no keto buzz. It’s hard to know if the enhanced acuity comes from not being hungry or if it’s truly the nootropics. From what I can tell, there isn’t a ton of good research on the half life of these compounds. I take two Alpha Brains each morning, so it could be that I am still feeling those effects.

I have yet to replicate the Alpha Brain lucid dream experiment with a hyper-dose of Momental MIND, but I will… stay tuned.

When giving MIND to friends who are not popping Alpha Brain they did notice qualitative differences in their mental performance, however, could be placebo.


If you are into Nootropics you will notice some common players:

  • ALA
  • Alpha-GPC
  • Cats Claw

In my books, this makes Momental as good as other leading nootropics like Alpha Brain and given the double blind rigour that Onnit does with it’s supplements, I am confident that similar effects are being had.


Where MIND shines is the nutrition. Not only are you getting a potent nootropic cocktail, but you are getting amino acids, collagen, MCT and organic greens. This is my definition of a meal replacement and harkens me back to when I was living off of Primal Fuel and water.

The MCT is a healthy fat source that will keep you in ketosis if that’s your thing, or will simply provide a slow burning fuel for your body to consume throughout the day. The low carb nature of the product means that it should not spike your insulin thus will prevent any crashes after you take it.

The organic greens are likely taken directly from their sister company Equip’s Micro Greens product. I have been using the Equip Micro Green product for several months and enjoy it. Again, it tastes and smells like shit (too much wheatgrass for me) but it does the job. The best part about these organic greens is that spirulina is one of the key ingredients. To learn more about spirulina, checkout this amazing podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Joe Rogan (it’s long).


This stuff tastes like shit, sorry but I almost puked when I drank the first batch. To be honest, I have only tried the unflavoured variety but man, the wheatgrass overpowers everything else and you are left with a very matcha like green mixture Obviously I don’t care for matcha either.

When I gave it to friends that do enjoy the matcha taste, they didn’t think it tasted too bad at all. So it must be an acquired taste that I haven’t developed yet.

Trust factor

Momental is a new company, but they are closely tied to Equip Foods, and Perfect Keto. If you look at the reviews for these guys on Amazon and around the web they are solid.

That being said, they do not offer any 3rd party research papers, or any double blind studies. Let’s hope that more companies take Onnit’s approach and invest in these studies.

The good news is that most of the ingredients have been shown to provide nutritional, or cognitive improvements in double blinds studies independently. I don’t know of any reason why they wouldn’t have the same effect when combined.


Momental MIND delivers on it’s promise of boosting cognition while providing a balanced meal replacement drink. It tastes awful, and it works.

I would buy a bottle for yourself, or find a few friends in your office and tilt it with them.

If you have any questions about nootropics or exogenous ketones and Tim Ferriss or Joe Rogan aren’t returning your emails, hit me up at kent dot fenwick at whatever you think Google’s mail domain is.

Eat less than you think and lift heavy things, oh and walk a lot.

Thank you for reading.