VR Arcade Phase

VR is in the arcade phase. When I go to play a game, it looks amazing and fun, and when given the option between campaign or arcade, I pick arcade. The games are loud, often involve guns, and much like when I was at birthday parties back in the 90s they get boring after about 15 mins.

There are exceptions. Super Hot never dissapoints and I do love Horizon Workrooms as weird as I feel when I sit down to type at my computer in VR.

So I think about the opportunies that are waiting in the next 5-10 years and all you have to do is look back at video games.

We are in the waiting for Nintendo phase. As soon as someone build Mario for VR, not a port, not a fun arcade game, but something original and something that couldn’t be done on previous systems, that will be when VR goes mainsteam.