What do to with ideas

In my mind, always bustling with ideas, I find myself constantly trying to create. Everywhere I look, I see opportunities, businesses, and also distractions. My nature is to fully commit to an idea, to nurture and build upon it. Yet, there are always other tempting ideas floating around, luring me to explore them.

I am loyal. I ignore these other ideas, knowing I don’t have the time to invest in them. I feel that ideas are like living entities, craving growth and consuming the thoughts and desires of people. By ignoring an idea, I understand it might thrive with someone else. My life is dotted with instances of seeing things, once mere thoughts in my mind, brought to life by others. This, in some ways, is beautiful.

These ideas, bouncing around in my head, are all worthy of creation. My experience shows me what others can do with similar ideas. I wish for resources to invest in these ideas, wondering if I already possess them but am too scared to tap into them.

It’s something worth exploring.