Write, don't copy

Often times as programmers, we use tools like LLMV to copy and paste code from one place to another. We can debate the pros and cons of this another day but my challenge to you is to write the code yourself. Don’t copy and paste. You’ll learn more and you’ll be a better programmer for it.

It sounds so simple and trivial but the act of writing out the code that someone else wrote for you, like writing notes as student helps imprint the code in your mind. You’ll be able to recall it faster and you’ll be able to write it faster.

Think of your favourite language or framework. When you have that fresh command prompt and you go in to create a new project, to init your git repo, to create a new file, to write your first line of code, you’re not copying and pasting. You’re writing it out. You’re writing it out because you know it. You’re writing it out because you’ve done it before. It’s muscle memory. It’s second nature. It’s easy.

So the next time you’re tempted to copy and paste, don’t. Write it out. You’ll be a better programmer for it.